Friday, May 1, 2009

shell-fu: A Site Full of Command Line Tips and Techniques

I stumbled upon a site called shell-fu (, which has Linux command line tips and techniques that appeal to all levels of Linux users. Sometimes the site will post helpful scripts that can be used on your Linux machine.

Some of the great tips and techniques that have been posted include:

  • How to easily copy tables and migrate databases between remote MySQL databases

  • A script that one can use that will allow a user to post Twitter messages from the terminal

  • How to edit files on remote hosts without "telnetting" to the machine

  • Convert a PDF to a JPG with one command

Shell-fu also accepts command line tips from the public as well. After reviewing the submitted tip, the site publishes it.

If you are looking to build your knowledge on the command line, try the shell-fu site.

Twitter: shellfu
Ident-ca: shellfu

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